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      Katrin Roth is a visual artist with a passion for Nordic landscapes.
      Katrin plays with colour-field elements, juxtaposing flurries of brushstrokes with smooth blocks of colour.
      She is also interested in showing our impact on the environment through her work.

      Born in 1968 in Greifswald, Germany, Katrin Roth is a visual artist based with a passion for Nordic landscapes. Reflecting on her experience of landscapes and nature is at the core of her artwork. Whether through the characteristics of colour, a movement pattern, or an atmospheric sensation, Katrin strives to look for a direct, clear expression of her connection with the natural world.

      Katrin Roth's Style and Practice

      Katrin has a diploma in Painting and Graphic Design from IBKK, Bochum, Germany. She has travelled to Nordic countries such as Sweden, Denmark and the Faroe Islands in search of inspiration. In her painting process, Katrin uses different colour consistencies. She works with acrylic and oil on paper and canvas, often painting outside, immersed in nature, to bring her closer to her subject matter. She juxtaposes colour fields with dynamic, layered brushstrokes with areas of smooth and calm surfaces. This serves to present the diverse terrains, colours and atmospheric elements encountered in the wild. Sometimes, foreign details or traces of cultivation and human intervention appear in her landscapes, too - a subtle reminder of our impact on the planet. Katrin sees artistic engagement with political topics as paramount, giving her pieces a gentle but, nevertheless, important documentary aspect.


      Her art can be found in private collections in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Switzerland, Island, Australia, Canada and the USA. The artist also received a project grant for Unknown Places from the Ministry of Culture and Science of St. Duisburg, Germany, in 2021.

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