Colour Field Paintings For Sale

Browse our selection of colour field paintings for sale today. Born in the mid-20th Century, colour field painting is a movement characterised by large areas of one or more flat colours, and was originally associated with the work of the American abstract artists Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still and Barnett Newman. If you’re excited to buy colour field painting, you might also be interested in our Abstract Paintings, Minimalistic Paintings and Colourful Paintings.…

Andrew Crane ‘s painting One up Two down is a prime example of the movement. We love his muted colour palette and the simple yet elegant composition.

From around the 1950s onwards, abstract artists grew more and more interested in how colour itself could be abstracted. This was the birth of the colour field painting movement, an artistic style that is notable for its large areas of flat, solid colour spread across the canvas. In these works, there was less emphasis on gesture and brushstrokes, and artists strived to achieve a consistency in the colour to free it from its context and allow colour to become the subject itself.

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