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      Serena Singh


      Born in Basel, Switzerland, Swiss-Indian artist Serena Singh embodies colour and texture. Her abstract-cum-Pop Art canvases, a medley of vibrant tones, leave no blank space untouched. Serena explores topics of fashion, identity and self-discovery. She uses her expressive paintings to present a critical yet colourful view of individualism in contemporary society.

      Serena Singh’s Early Career and Practice

      Serena was a student at the School of Art Basel. The artist holds a BA in Visual and Corporate Communication from the Academy of Fashion and Design in Munich, Germany. Since an early age, Serena has been particularly interested in examining the human figure and the different roles a person can assume in society. Playing with tone and shade, she looks at human nature and its many shadows and faces. Her signature retro yet youthful look gives her paintings a radiant, multi-hued aesthetic inspired by different cultures.

      Current Projects and Exhibitions

      Serena continues to work as a brand designer and competitive artist, presenting work in collections throughout Europe, the USA and the United Arab Emirates. She has exhibited in Switzerland, France, Dubai and London.

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