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Alessio Lucarini

Alessio Lucarini's work spans multiple genres, from abstract to portraits.
In 2018, Alessio was named a finalist in the Landscape Awards.
Alessio's work has been exhibited in both the UK and Italy.

Born in 1990 in Tuscany, Alessio Lucarini is an Italian photographer based in Prato. Classifying Alessio’s work is no easy task, as it seems to dip in and out of different genres, including landscape photography, abstract expressionist pieces and portraiture. This genre-bending approach makes his work particularly intriguing, characterising it as experimental rather than remaining fixed in one genre or style. Alessio has worked with both digital photography and analogue, and constantly expands his practice by incorporating new techniques.

Alessio Lucarini’s Career

Alessio began his artistic career with a bachelor of arts in arts, music and entertainment from Bologna in 2014, offering him a firm and diverse foundation for his future experimentation. In 2017 he began work as a photographer, exhibiting landscape artworks at first before expanding to other styles. He has since worked on various projects, including more commercially focused ones and collaborations with museums such as the Textile Museum of Prato.

Exhibitions and Awards

Alessio Lucarini’s work, which spans from abstract landscapes to portraits, has been exhibited in group exhibitions across Italy and the UK. In 2018, he was a finalist in the Landscape Awards competition.

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