Alessio Lucarini


Born in 1990 in Pistoia, Tuscany. After Bachelor of Arts ( DAMS - Disciplines of arts, music and entertainment ) in Bologna in 2014, he approaches the world of photography and begins to photograph as a freelance photographer. ​In 2017 he exhibited the Unusual Landscape photographic project at the “Tuscania Festival” (ITA) and at the “Reclaim Photography Festival” in Birmingham (United Kingdom). ​In 2017 he participated in the European Creativewear Project (Heritage & Marketing) collaborating with the Textile Museum of Prato, for the photographic documentation of the archives of the textile companies of Prato. ​Finalist of the Landscape Awards 2018 competition, organized by The Independent Photographer and present in the ‘Talent of the year’ 2017-18 catalog. In 2018 he self-published Unusual Landscape and in 2019 he self-published Backhead. ​In 2019-2020 he worked for companies, agencies and studios for commissioned commercial photographic works. ​In 2020-2021 he works on a personal photographic research for a new artistic photographic vision, expressed through his new photographic works as Birth/Death, Colors and Planet Earth.

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