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      Jessie Woodward

      Jessie Woodward is an abstract and mixed-media artist.
      Jessie explores how pure abstract work can generate energetic delight and pleasure.
      Her bright and colourful works have been exhibited nationwide.

      Jessie Woodward is an abstract and mixed-media artist based in Bristol. Her bold use of colour and materials like fluorescent paint and glitter - typically associated with craft - see her exploring what it means to be a contemporary painter today.

      Jessie Wooward’s Early Career and Style

      Jessie studied Fine Art and Art History at the University of Plymouth. She has been a practising artist for over 15 years, opting to make it her single profession after having her eldest son in 2016. Now, Jessie is exhibiting her mixed-media paintings across the country in various shows, trails and fairs. Jessie takes inspiration from 20th-century Abstract Expressionism, exercising the signature concepts of spontaneity and intuitive creation as the basis of her works. By experimenting with different colours, brush strokes, textures and proportions, she communicates how abstract work can generate energetic delight and pleasure. In more recent works, Jessie uses washes of colour and paint over increased areas to further explore compositional space and balance.

      National Recognition

      Jessie has exhibited nationwide, including at The Other Art Fair, London, The Victoria, Totterdown, Bristol, and Bath Art Fair: Bath Pavilion, Bath, to name a few. The artist continues to explore abstraction and push the boundaries of her vivid and vibrant colour palette, spreading joy as she goes.

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