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Marianne Hendriks

Marianne Hendriks is a Dutch fine art and botanical painter.
Craft and technicality are at the core of Marianne's work.
Marianne takes inspiration from architecture, the study of symbolism and interpretation in her works.

Marianne Hendriks is a Dutch artist born and raised in Amsterdam. Marianne is known for her fine art and botanical paintings, composed using a mix of oils, watercolour (aquarelle), gouache, shellac ink and pencil. Marianne studied Design and Architecture at Central St.Martins in London. She believes there exists a purposeful connection between architecture and our understanding of nature. Through the lens of an architect, she paints playful and refined explorations of nature.

Early Career and Passion for Painting

Marianne was deaf until she was three and a half years old, making her incredibly reliant and aware of her surroundings. With a backlog of learning, she felt like an outsider, incredibly shy and nervous. Because of this, drawing became a defining part of her daily life from a very young age. Marianne only started to paint in 2016, at the age of thirty. She quickly decided that it was her calling. She began learning and practising the techniques of the Dutch Old Masters - now a conspicuous influence in her work.

Marianne Hendriks' Style and Approach

Marianne takes inspiration from the bio-structural and almost architectural differentiation between plant species. She fractionates plant life into simple abstractions, systematically manipulating geometry and form. Her oil paintings have a balanced, musical quality, devised through the repetition of pattern, texture, and organic tones.

Exhibitions and Collections

Marianne's art career has flourished quickly. Vogue Living, Vanity Fair and the New York Times have published her work. Her works of biophilia are a part of several private and public collections, such as Soho House. Her paintings have garnered her admirable representation with clients and collaborations worldwide.

Selected Works

Musacear Exedo Duo

Paintings - 82x22 cm

Nos Folia Diptych

Paintings - 82x64 cm

Musaceae Inflatus

Paintings - 92x62 cm

Ficus Elastica Tribus

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Musaceae Quinque

Paintings - 92x62 cm

Monstera Magnum

Paintings - 62x52 cm

Musaceae Exedo

Paintings - 62x48 cm

Masacear Duo

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Masacear Uno

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Labyrinth Magnum Uno

Paintings - 122x102 cm

Foliorum Septem

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Labyrinth Arcus

Paintings - 72x52 cm

Foliorum Pluere Diptych

Paintings - 82x64 cm

Polypodiales Tabulata

Paintings - 62x48 cm

Incrementum Diptych

Paintings - 82x64 cm

Lursum Descendit

Paintings - 82x32 cm

Pteris Pnattnor

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Pteris Pnattnor

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Scissa Ones

Paintings - 62x48 cm

Monstrum Ingenium

Paintings - 42x32 cm

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