Alberto La Tassa


Alberto La Tassa (b. Padova, 1986) lives and works in Venice, Italy.

He graduated with Honours from the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. His recent solo and group exhibitions include amongst others: 2020, Beyond the Plastic, Muse, Trento, Italy; 2020, A Collection Award, Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy; 2019, A Collection, Palazzo Barolo, Torino, Italy; 2019, Arte Padova, Padova; 2019, Pink Art Fair, Seoul; 2018, Gyeongju Art Festa Exhibition, Gyeongju; 2018, Palm Beach Art Fair, Miami; 2016, vision ARyT, Villa Alba, Gardone Riviera; 2016, Annunciation, Galerie Benjamin Eck, München; 2016, Bach to Bacco, Palazzo Michiel, Venezia; 2015, Dimensione Aurea, Venezia; 2011, Fantasma, Cotonificio de Angeli Frua, Brescia.

In 2018 he was selected for the Gyeongiu International Art Festa Residency, Gyeongiu, South Korea and for the Art & Art Gallery international residency programme, Miami, USA.

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