Alberto La Tassa

Alberto La Tassa is a prolific mixed-media painter who blends a variety of modern and historical styles and gestures.
Alberto’s paintings stand out for their extravagant colour-play, eccentric characters and exploration of texture.
Alberto has exhibited in Italy, South Korea, the USA and beyond.

Figurative painter Alberto La Tassa was born into a family deeply rooted in the arts since the early 1820s. Mercurial and masterful in his endeavours, the Italian artist is known for his extravagant and experimental works of art. His pieces, which range from paintings and sculptures to graphic design and jewellery, stand out for their blend of classical and modern artistic gestures.

Alberto La Tassa’s Signature Style

Alberto graduated with honours from the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, where he currently lives and works. His surrealist oeuvre is an arousing amalgamation of Byzantine, Venetian and Baroque styles. Paintings such as My Body Hurts ooze with memory, desire and fantasy, heightened with a sumptuous palette of royal reds and glorious golds. Many of his works feature a cast of roving and exorbitant characters; empresses, mythical men and oneiric nudes peer out from the canvas. His mixed-media works, charged with passion, are at once refined and undeniably volatile.

Awards & Exhibitions

Alberto has exhibited extensively across Italy. Recent solo and group exhibitions include, amongst others; Beyond the Plastic, Muse, Trento, Italy (2020); A Collection Award, Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy (2020); A Collection, Palazzo Barolo, Torino, Italy (2019). In 2018, Alberto was selected for the Gyeongju International Art Festa Residency, Gyeongju, South Korea and for the Art & Art Gallery International Residency Programme, Miami, USA.

Selected Works

Fade to gray by Alberto La Tassa

Fade to gray

Paintings - 150x250 cm
Stars tripper by Alberto La Tassa

Stars tripper

Paintings - 280x200 cm
My body hurts by Alberto La Tassa

My body hurts

Paintings - 195x185 cm
Simposio by Alberto La Tassa


Paintings - 200x280 cm
Lost Kingdom by Alberto La Tassa

Lost Kingdom

Paintings - 280x200 cm
Beyond Behind Between XV by Alberto La Tassa

Beyond Behind Between XV

Paintings - 280x200 cm
Beyond, Behind, Between III by Alberto La Tassa

Beyond, Behind, Between III

Paintings - 230x160 cm
Beyond Behind Between II by Alberto La Tassa

Beyond Behind Between II

Paintings - 250x150 cm
Agaio Valeron by Alberto La Tassa

Agaio Valeron

Paintings - 250x145 cm
Oh Joy by Alberto La Tassa

Oh Joy

Paintings - 200x280 cm


Paintings - 250x150 cm

Don't stop the dance

Paintings - 200x145 cm

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