Peggy Cozzi


Peggy Cozzi primarily experiments with colour and is fascinated by how it can transport us to such a variety of moods , memories and associations within the psyche . She makes abstract paintings , predominantly oil on canvas , with a focus on the interplay between gesture and colour , using loose , open , expressive mark making mediated through an experimental yet balanced and harmonising colour palette . Cozzi is interested in how the medium of paint can evoke imaginative responses and imply psychological states ; images grow out of the process and her interaction with the materials ,she follows a journey with the painting to a point where colour and mark begin to trigger emotive associations , where the paint appears at once tactile and concrete yet simultaneously having the potential for illusion and the capacity to draw on the unconscious. Peggy Cozzi has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe in many prestigious shows such as the Royal Academy Summer exhibition (2020 / 2017) . Her work is held in private and corporate collections in Europe , USA , Australia and Asia .

Selected Works

What the Mind Already Knows by Peggy Cozzi

What the Mind Already Knows

Paintings - 100x86 cm
Echo by Peggy Cozzi


Paintings - 87x87 cm
Unconscious Rituals by Peggy Cozzi

Unconscious Rituals

Paintings - 50x50 cm
Sea Breeze by Peggy Cozzi

Sea Breeze

Paintings - 60x60 cm
Tomorrow's Song by Peggy Cozzi

Tomorrow's Song

Paintings - 122x102 cm
Sea Dance by Peggy Cozzi

Sea Dance

Paintings - 137x152 cm
Mermaid by Peggy Cozzi


Paintings - 60x60 cm
Passenger by Peggy Cozzi


Paintings - 137x152 cm
Traced by the Sea by Peggy Cozzi

Traced by the Sea

Paintings - 50x40 cm
Equinox #2 by Peggy Cozzi

Equinox #2

Paintings - 142x116 cm

In Waves #1

Paintings - 142x116 cm

In Waves #2

Paintings - 106x72 cm


Paintings - 56x56 cm

Clinging To Shadows

Paintings - 56x56 cm


Paintings - 56x56 cm


Paintings - 122x102 cm


Paintings - 56x56 cm

Bloom 2

Paintings - 56x56 cm

Light Folds 1

Paintings - 56x56 cm

Night Vision

Paintings - 87x87 cm

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