Statement Pieces

Verity Babbs

Curated by Verity Babbs

If you’re looking for something to shake up your collection or create an impact in your interiors, you’re sure to find it from our collection of Statement Works to Wow. Bringing together artists that work with a range of different mediums and styles, this collection includes everything from landscape photography to abstract prints, all united by a bold and eye-catching style. These are pieces that are easy to fall in love with and that command attention, making them great conversation starters and focal points for your art collection.

Artworks with that wow factor all have something that sets them apart from the rest, be it in subject matter, composition, choice of colour or unique technique. Abstract art features heavily in the collection, given its emphasis on bright colours, clean lines and interesting shapes. We’ve scoured the contemporary art scene to bring these pieces together in one place, creating an exciting collection that cannot be ignored.

Whether you’re a newbie art collector or already know the ropes, we’re on hand to help you find the perfect artwork for you. Search our curated collection of standout artworks to find a new piece to redefine your collection, with vibrant colours and unique subjects that are sure to catch your eye. Our handy search options make it easy for you to narrow down according to your needs, with filters such as size, orientation and price.

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