Renate Fäth

Renate Fäth creates scenes of freedom and infinity, where everything is connected.
Renate layers her paintings to give them a physical and spiritual sense of depth.
Renate’s paintings are strongly inspired by the rural landscape of northern Germany.

German artist Renate Fäth creates vast abstract paintings in response to the Nordic landscape and its ever-changing appearance. Textural and atmospheric, Renate’s paintings play with light and depth to form impressions of the natural landscape that are both distant and familiar. Her considered and refined use of colour contributes to the ethereal quality of her paintings, which is further enhanced by the subtle drips of paint that punctuate certain areas of seascapes horizons, and far flung vistas.

Renate Fäth’s Life and Process

Born in Emden, Germany in 1954, Renate has forever been inspired by the rural landscape of the country. Renate graduated with a degree in Technology from the University of Education in Göttingen before moving to Zürich to study at Neue Kunstschule. Today, Renate lives and works in Leer. Although Renate primarily uses acrylic she also adds sand, gels, threads of cloth and other found materials onto the surface of her paintings, giving them a subtle texture that evokes that of the natural landscape.

Landscape Painting

Renate’s paintings focus on the point where land and sea meet. River banks, horizon lines and seashores mark borders where natural matter changes, and it is here that Renate seeks to capture this ‘unique atmosphere’. Landscape paintings have long been tied up in tradition, however Renate seeks to distil the atmosphere of the landscape and create viewing experiences that are both powerful and meditative. Renate's artwork is made up of multiple layers of acrylic / oil paint and threads. It is created in a flowing manner and consists of a choreography of threads woven into the image space - as a constellation of painting and drawing.

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