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Kally Laurence is an East London based artist who works on large scale canvas pieces combining print and painting techniques. Having graduated from the RCA with an MA in Printmaking, traditional printmaking methods will always remain close to her heart, however she very much enjoys the fluidity and instantaneousness hands on experience of painting. Kally is therefore very happy resting between both worlds . The hope is that the work brings an energy and optimism to the space it occupies. Each piece still retains the freshness and spontaneity of a unique painting while incorporating the repetitive nature of print.

Kally is a member of The Barbican Arts Trust studio group and exhibits regularly. She was thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Jackson’s Painting Prize earlier this year.

The work explores the beauty of the everyday and the broader issues that come into and are evoked by the familiar. She is all about looking and observing what’s around her. The aim of the work is to capture the beauty of a moment through the representation of everyday objects, patterns and colour, scenes and people, and then to instigate questions and memories of a bigger issue, depicting moments that are both personal and shared experiences.

Kally enjoys experiencing the magic of the outside world being delivered to her, the spontaneous reaction when she knows that a moment has just initiated a piece of work. When a work says this back to her she declares it to be finished.

Selected Works

Loss by Kally Laurence


Paintings - 140x150 cm
Balcony, Tottenham by Kally Laurence

Balcony, Tottenham

Paintings - 160x140 cm
Staying Home 2 by Kally Laurence

Staying Home 2

Paintings - 150x140 cm

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