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        Caroline Cornelius


        Caroline’s work explores a certain fragility and fleetingness inherent in life and in particular, a woman’s life. Using intimate scenes from her personal experience as her main source of inspiration, her work is an exploration of the female form and the duality of ageing and maturing: the mutability of beauty and the confidence that comes with self-acceptance. "Motherhood has brought a perspective on the particular angst experienced by teenage girls - raising questions about body image and being comfortable in your own skin, often seen through the lens of my own teenage daughters - pictured on seemingly idyllic holidays - lying by a sunlit pool, skiing or hiking in woodlands."

        Caroline draws on her past experience as a textile designer to search for incidental patterns using a limited colour palette to simplify and stylise her work. Inspired by the sparsity, patterning and flattening of the picture plane found in Japanese woodcuts.

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