Caroline Cornelius


Caroline Cornelius's work explores a certain fragility and fleetingness inherent in life and in particular, a woman's life. Using intimate scenes from her personal experience and memory as her main source of inspiration, her work is an exploration of the female form and the duality of ageing and a reflection on the complexity of maternal relationships. She draws on her past experience as a textile designer to search for incidental patterns in her observational drawing and uses a dynamic colour palette applied in layers to simplify and stylise her work. Caroline graduated from the University of Brighton studying Fashion and Textiles before working in interior print design and then a free-lance graphic designer. Since establishing her art practice she has exhibited in the UK and Canada, including The Royal Academy Summer Show 2021 and 2023 before completing the postgraduate year at the Royal Drawing School in 2023. She has recently been accepted as an Associate member of the Royal Watercolour Society.

Selected Works

Fresh Garlic by Caroline Cornelius

Fresh Garlic

Paintings - 57x43 cm

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