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Modern Day Maximalism

Maximalism was a term coined to describe excess, a decorative approach and the belief that more is more. Sometimes seen as a reaction against the aesthetic of minimalism, maximalism connotes a free, easy and adventurous approach. Maximalism has recently become a trend in interiors and design however, it is just as popular in the visual arts. Maximalist art celebrates clashing colours and styles, bringing together construct elements such as pop art and realism.

Featured Artists

Robbie Bushe works in an intricate illustrative style, creating complex compositions of futuristic settings. Robbie works in oils to achieve detail and form the many components that come together to create his unique style. Although his approach is refined and figurative, his paintings are complex narratives of imagined worlds. Paul Treasure’s style is much more gestural, as he takes inspiration from the natural world in his energetic and painterly artworks. Paul seeks to capture the emotion of a place, and in doing so, gives his paintings a whimsical abstract quality.

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