David Rhys Jones

David Rhys Jones is a mixed-media artist whose works form a social documentary on modern city living.
David's works are often hybrids of sculpture and image and take inspiration from journeys, site-specific locations, and collected urban artefacts.
David has exhibited at major institutions, including at The V&A Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts and the Courtauld Institute.

David Rhys Jones is a mixed-media artist who explores cultural and architectural diversity in the modern-day metropolis. Venturing through urban landscapes, David documents the pathways left behind by generations of occupants. Along the way, the artist collects memories and objects that he transforms and instils with new meaning.

David Rhys Jones' Inspiration & Practice

David studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (2004-6). The artist draws his inspiration from journeys, site-specific locations, and collected artefacts which are researched and recorded using photography, drawings and sculptures. This reference material becomes a hybrid of sculpture and image, creating a narrative for the viewer to explore. For example, in abstract composition Venice. When working with photography, David often uses ceramics as a conduit, positing an extra sculptural dimension and transforming his photographs into shiny cameo-like objects. For his installations such as Louis, David interlocks an assembly of images in free-standing sculptural forms.

Exhibitions & Collections

David has exhibited widely, including at The V&A Museum and the Royal Academy of Arts (both London), and was joint-winner of the Jerwood Prize in 2010. His work is held nationally in private and public collections, including the Tate and London Spitalfields Market. You can also find his installations in the Culture-Bound East Wing Collection VII at the Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, London.

Selected Works

The Lady in White by David Rhys Jones

The Lady in White

Sculpture - 8x20 cm
Venice by David Rhys Jones


Sculpture - 14x19 cm
‘Early evening, Montacute’ by David Rhys Jones

‘Early evening, Montacute’

Sculpture - 10x12 cm
Hidden Tree (Montacute) by David Rhys Jones

Hidden Tree (Montacute)

Sculpture - 9x13 cm
The White Tree, Montacute by David Rhys Jones

The White Tree, Montacute

Sculpture - 15x12 cm
Louis by David Rhys Jones


Sculpture - 34x16 cm

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