Street Artists

Explore work from some of the most exciting street artists working today. We work with some of the biggest names in contemporary street art, from world-class painters, photographers and printmakers, to generation defining sculptors , mixed media and interdisciplinary artists. Whether you’re looking for an original portrait painting to hang on your wall, or you’re wanting to go all out with a still life sculpture, our curated collection makes it easy for you to start discovering new art today.

Peter Horvath. Peter’s photography-based mixed media art epitomises the way in which street art deconstructs the boundaries of commercial and fine art. Peter’s expressive style has earned him editorial commissions from the likes of The New York Times, Vanity Fair and Penguin, as well as exhibitions in galleries all over the world.

Benjamin Jensen’s street art style has an edge of Surrealism to it. Benjamin creates narrative-driven works that combine the graffiti aesthetic with more traditional compositional techniques. The unfinished quality to Benjamin’s art compliments the chaos of his storylines and makes for a bold and energetic collection of work.

Daniela Schweinsberg paintings mirror Benjamin Jensen’s dynamic and visceral approach. Daniela works with spray paint, charcoal, oil pastel and pencil to create frenzied abstract scenes that leap off the canvas. Working across large and small scale pieces, Daniela’s paintings are spontaneous manifestations of her inner thoughts.

About Street Artists

Since their emergence on the New York art scene in the 1970s, street artists have made their mark by creating public, profound and at time provocative works of art. Using methods of stencilling, tagging, projected videos and freehand drawing, street artists are diverse in approach but united in their mission to create eye catching and powerful works of art. Street art formed as a reaction to the socio-political climate of American in the 70s and to this this it continues to be used for its ability to speak out against injustice.

Keith Haring was one key figures in bringing street art into the art world. Keith’s art was ground-breaking in its ability to gain both commercial and critical success, and his style remains one of the most recognisable to this day. Since then, artists such as Barbara Kruger and Banksy have worked to develop and reinforce the power of street art. Although street artists are now very much recognised by the art world, there still remains something so universal and raw about street art.

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    Lisa Kellner

    United States
    B. 1965

    Dan Baldwin

    United Kingdom
    B. 1972

    Tim Fowler

    United Kingdom
    B. 1985


    United Kingdom
    B. 1978