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      Perdita Sinclair


      Perdita Sinclair explores concepts and stories via paintings, sculpture, film, and site-specific installations that challenge our perception of the everyday. Fusing the natural world with artificial materials, the polemic and the joyful, Perdita reveals the hidden systems and alternate realities that shape our daily life.

      Perdita Sinclair’s Style and Practice

      Perdita has a BA in Fine Art Painting from the University of Wales, Cardiff. Her work coats endemic issues, such as climate change, mental health and contemporary politics, with bright city lights, pastel ice-cream colours, and symbols of the loveable. Dismembering and reconstructing sources of inspiration, Perdita nurtures her work into its own ecosystem. In this way, she uncovers diverse experiences to understand the impact of societal events on nature and individual human existence.

      Experimental Residencies

      The artist's interest in how we interact and impact the environment has led to residencies on a boat trawling for microplastics and in human dissection laboratories. She has also worked with Kew scientists on seed dispersal. Perdita has received funding from the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation (through a residency in New York), the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Gardens, Ventnor Botanic Gardens, and the British Council.

      Awards and Exhibitions

      Perdita has received four awards from Arts Council England. The artist has exhibited widely in the UK, including at the National Portrait Gallery, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Academy of Art, the Laing Gallery and The Koppel Project, and throughout China, Germany, the USA, Greece and France. Alongside her practice as an artist, she has also curated various exhibitions, including at the Window Gallery, Brighton, and The Koppel Project.

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