Pure Evil's London Gallery hosts shows of over 60 independent artists.
Uzzell Edwards claims to be the descendant of St. Thomas More, plus 6 other Catholic saints.
His signature bunny tag is inspired by the rabbit he shot and killed aged 10, which has stuck with him for life.

Charles Uzzell Edwards goes by the highly memorable moniker, Pure Evil. His prints are recognised worldwide for their spirited exploration of celebrity culture and the cruel reality of superstar status.

Pure Evil’s Signature Style

Born 1968 and son to Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards, Charles decided on his sombre appellation after shooting a rabbit aged ten left him guilt-ridden. To this day, he instils his prints and street art with the macabre and the hyperbolic, an aesthetic that has garnered him global praise. From his early graffiti-tag bunnies - a frequent anarchic addition to the London streets - to his punkish Nightmare series of celebrities with a single tear dripping down their faces, tragicomedy pervades his oeuvre. His prints typically present American iconography and Pop Art portrait favourites, such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Early Career and Influences

Charles studied Fashion and Graphics in London, UK. He has worked as a designer for a clothing label called Anarchic Adjustment with Alan Brown and Nick Philips. For some time, Pure Evil was also well regarded on the electronic and dance music scene in San Francisco. His street art adventures began in California, though, where Pure Evil would graffiti ‘DUMP BUSH’ on the highway and ‘MURDERERS’ on gun stores. His urban escapades led him back to London, where he now resides and continues to produce playful yet probing prints on the dark side of contemporary culture.

Gallery and Exhibitions

The first Pure Evil Gallery opened in Shoreditch, London, in 2007, and a second, larger space followed six years later. His vibrant spray-paint figures have been purchased and displayed worldwide, from Hong Kong to Brazil, and Mongolia to Norway. Pure Evil has also exhibited his work in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and beyond.

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