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Art to Make You Laugh


Curated by Rise Art

Looking to bring a little joy to your setting? Explore our ‘Art to Make you Laugh’ edit. This carefully curated collection promises to don a dash of humour to your walls. From comical cartoon creations to spunky surrealist scenes, discover a range of funny artwork for sale by emerging and world-leading artists.


Vincent Bousserez’s plastic life scenarios call for a well-deserved chuckle. Vincent’s photography places miniature figures in unusual places on a quest to unknown destinations. Looking for a little spice? Discovery Walk is a journey across the extremities of the human body - an ideal choice for playful and lighthearted collections.

Miguel Vallinas Prieto explores the animal in us all. His metamorphic works display animal subjects posing in contemporary outfits while gazing absently into the camera. Labrador Portrait, for example, demands as much laughter as respect for its zingy, fantastical content and technical wizardry.

Prints & Collages

Multi-media artist Delphine LeBourgeois produces Dada-inspired prints and illustrations. The artist stylishly reimagines classical Renaissance paintings with a touch of comic book chic and a drop of dark humour. Surprising works such as digital print Smoke V targets Fine Art traditions by their very dismantling of them, paving the way for a new-age figurative art which is at once sensual, sinister and entirely original.

Tragi-comic prints by Carl Moore present animals pretending to be other animals. Bright, bubblegum palettes and pathos-pumped prints like Snail Scream Sprinkles make for hilariously relatable content.

Mariano Molina makes the comedy cut for his creative, off-the-wall art. Exploring various aspects of contemporary society and culture, Mariano’s urban collages make for a real hoot. The Edge quite literally breaks through the confines of the canvas into the real world.


Another worthy investment is the Pop Art paintings by American artist Ellannah Sadkhin. Although cartoon-centric in style, Ellannah’s empowering portraits maintain a certain sophistication and charm. Consider Wonder Woman to make your walls pop with vibrant street art imagery.

For buyers seeking an extraterrestrial treat, esteemed street artist and creative Marc Craig stands out for his multi-coloured mixed media paintings. Imaginative and impactful, Marc’s supersonic doodles like *Small Psychic Voyage * suggest spontaneity - great to energise quiet or dull spaces.

Other light-hearted pieces include expressionistic oil paintings by Francesco Polazzi. Francesco brings together family favourites, such as Snoopy’s Charlie and other animal characters, in an abstract style. Chaotic colours and playful patterns feature widely in a portfolio which promises to uplift.

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