Carl Moore

Carl Moore's colourful tragi-comic animal prints are a true delight.
Carl's artworks have on a number of occasions been used for the promotion of the Affordable Art Fair.
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Carl Moore is a British artist who often makes work that sits on the fine line between comedy and tragedy, with a pinch of the absurd.

His ‘Animals Pretending to be Other Animals’ work explores the complexities of identity in a postmodern world through the lens of simulation and the concept of avatars. These animals, who use paint and found materials serve as a commentary on the fluidity of identity in the digital age, where individuals can easily adopt multiple avatars and personas through online platforms to fit a certain image or ideal.

Another body of work, the "Dripsters", are bold and colourful animals with their clear markings reduced down to individual drips of paint, which appear barcode-like in their simplicity. These works represent the commodification of nature and its erosion in the postmodern age.

Other works consists of playing with the semantics of ice cream, seeing it as a representation of our desire for instant gratification and a symbol of the fleeting nature of happiness in a hyperreal world.

Overall, Carl’s work aims to provoke reflection on the impact of postmodernity on our understanding of self, identity, and reality.

We love the humour in Carl’s work. Although they do have a bit of a dark side, his prints are bright and witty and we think they’re just delightful!

Carl holds a BA in Fine Art Painting from Winchester School Of Art and an MA in Digital Moving Imagery from the London Guildhall University.

Selected Works

Terra Nova by Carl Moore

Terra Nova

Prints - 46x60 cm
The Green Flamingo by Carl Moore

The Green Flamingo

Digital - 46x60 cm
Mingdalorian by Carl Moore


Prints - 55x55 cm
Vadergé by Carl Moore


Digital - 47x50 cm
Stormware - Light Blue by Carl Moore

Stormware - Light Blue

Digital - 55x55 cm
The Tapir Who Wanted to be a Moose by Carl Moore
Pink Elephant by Carl Moore

Pink Elephant

Prints - 60x60 cm

Yellow Goat

Prints - 60x60 cm

Red Bull

Prints - 60x60 cm

Blue Moose

Prints - 57x87 cm


Prints - 55x55 cm

Ice Cream Cocktail

Prints - 55x55 cm

Snail Scream Sprinkles

Prints - 60x43 cm

Ice Cream Sprinkles

Prints - 60x43 cm

Snow Leopard - Sage

Prints - 60x90 cm

Le Whistle Prancer

Prints - 55x55 cm


Prints - 90x60 cm

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