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        Carl Moore's colourful tragi-comic animal prints are a true delight.
        Carl's artworks have on a number of occasions been used for the promotion of the Affordable Art Fair.
        Buy for visually original and striking artworks.

        Carl Moore is a British artist who paints tragi-comic works that feature animals pretending to be other animals. Alongside these are his ‘Dripsters’, in which bold and colourful animals become reduced to drips of paint. We love the humour in Carl’s work. Although they do have a bit of a dark side, his canvases are bright and witty - and we think they’re just delightful!

        Carl holds an MA in Digital Moving Imagery from the London Guildhall University. His artwork has been featured in several publications, including The Art of England and Artists & Illustrators. On a number of occasions, his pieces have been used to promote the Affordable Art Fair.

        Commission an artwork by Carl Moore

        We can arrange and oversee the creation of a new work, made specifically for you.

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