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Discover Pop Art portraits for sale. Our online gallery showcases work from some of the most exciting artists working today, with each piece selected by us. Bursting with colour, character and charisma, our collection of Pop Art ranges from paintings, to photographs, to prints. Whether you’re on the lookout for a new statement piece to adorn your wall, or you’re embarking on starting a collection, browse our range of Pop Art and find the perfect new piece to purchase today.

Magnus Gjoen. Concerned with exposing contrast and incorporating decorative design into modern art, Magnus’s work prompts the viewer to reject all preconceived notions when viewing his art. His multi-media practice showcases a range of styles which reimagine traditional art. Accompanied by their humorous titles, Magnus’s work is consistently provocative and probing. I'D RATHER BY HAPPY THAN DIGNIFIED uses the old to bring about the new. By transforming traditional art, Magnus epitomises the comical and daring charisma of the Pop Art genre.

Lee Ellis also redefines contemporary portraiture through an expressive style. Characterised by bold brushstrokes, distorted subjects and rich colours, Lee’s style confronts the viewer with the direct nature of his portraits. In a similar way to Magnus Gjoen, Lee uses his titles to add a witty layer to his art. Lee’s Batman series takes a recognisable fictional character and makes him human. Batman feels awkward and Batman and his terrible jokes exposes the vulnerable and painfully human elements of this superhero, and in this contrast forms an amusing narrative.

Victoria Topping’s colourful collages incorporate a patterned design element into her Pop Art style. Victoria’s portraits depict moments of frenzy, joy and energy. Inspired by the jazz and soul of the 70s, each of Victoria’s large scale paintings emit a contagious sense of excitement and form the perfect addition to brighten up any wall.

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      Photography - 61x52cm

      Game Face

      Photography - 61x54cm

      Spot Young Lenin

      Sculpture - 14x11cmRent for £ 48/mo

      All Shook Up

      Photography - 61x54cm


      Prints - 73x50cmRent for £ 55/mo


      Prints - 73x50cmRent for £ 54/mo

      Lenin with Gazing Ball

      Sculpture - 18x15cmRent for £ 55/mo

      The Quest for Irma II

      Prints - 43x30cmRent for £ 53/mo

      Eva (In Blue)

      Photography - 61x52cm

      Silver Microdose (with Marilyn and Audrey)

      Paintings - 76x76cmRent for £ 176/mo

      Off His Head

      Prints - 55x45cmRent for £ 45/mo

      The Quest for Irma III

      Prints - 43x30cmRent for £ 53/mo

      The Quest for Irma V

      Prints - 43x30cmRent for £ 53/mo


      Sculpture - 19x16cmRent for £ 61/mo

      James Dean No. 1

      Photography - 92x76cm

      The Quest for Irma I

      Prints - 43x30cmRent for £ 53/mo

      Lenin with Mickey's Ears

      Sculpture - 21x15cmRent for £ 60/mo

      Dot Lenin

      Sculpture - 34x22cmRent for £ 76/mo


      Paintings - 20x20cmRent for £ 45/mo

      PopArt Girl Part 2

      Photography - 90x113cm

      Raphael Revisited

      Prints - 65x51cmRent for £ 78/mo


      Paintings - 20x20cm

      Joy (pink)

      Collage - 60x60cm

      Blue Samurai


      Take another little piece of my heart

      Paintings - 80x60cmRent for £ 99/mo

      Black Lenin with Bright Spots

      Sculpture - 19x15cmRent for £ 59/mo

      Super Girl

      Photography - 113x90cm