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        Victoria Topping is Creative Director of On the Corner Records.
        Victoria’s style is influenced by disco record sleeves and 1950 drawing manuals.
        Victoria’s work has been exhibited in shows across London, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Ibiza and Bristol.

        British artist Victoria Topping works in mixed media to create vibrant prints, digital paintings and collages. Victoria often uses black and white photographs as the foundation of each piece, then adds bright colours and colourful shapes to embellish the artwork further. Characterised by the bold pinks and reds of her palette, Victoria’s art jumps off the page. Victoria combines traditional elements of portraiture and design with the unique appearance of digital art, resulting in a collection of entirely original artworks. Enhanced by the sheer sizes of each piece, Victoria creates art that is immediately compelling.

        Victoria Topping’s Career

        Since graduating with a degree in Illustration from the University of the West of England in 2008, Victoria has gone on to exhibit her art in shows across the UK and Europe, including The Other Art Fair. Victoria’s Pop Art style has caught the eyes of many commercial clients, leading to commissions from festivals, night clubs, and designers for art in the form of wallpaper, branding and murals. Last year Victoria illustrated her first children's book, Mythologica, which went on to win Amazon’s Children Non-Fiction Book of the Year.

        Record Sleeves

        Victoria is currently Artistic Director of On the Corner Records, an award-winning London-based record label. Her art itself is inspired by music, and the animated spirit of her designs echoes the rhythm and energy of music. Victoria has created album artwork and record sleeves for a host of clients, ranging from Collocutor to DJ Khalab.

        Take a look at Music For The Eyes With Victoria Topping, where we interview the artist.

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