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        Street Art Sculptures For Sale

        Discover street art sculpture for sale. Street art sculpture can be defined as any sculpture that takes inspiration from the wider world of street art and urban life, drawing on influences as diverse as Banksy and Shepard Fairey. If you’re keen to buy street art sculpture and aren’t sure where to start, let us be your guide. Take a look at our Street Art Drawings and Street Art Photography, or mix things up with Street Art Collage.

        Chris Mitton is a British sculptor who works with Carrara Marble to create intriguing works. His series ‘Revalue’ is an exploration of how contemporary society values the temporary. These pieces focus on everyday, throwaway items that are often found on our city streets, making them a fine example of street art sculpture.

        Get to know the unique works of Bea Garding Schubert, a German sculptor whose work embodies a sense of happiness and hope. Building Bridges is one such example, where images of skyscrapers are painted over the top of a heart.

        Find out more in our Guide To Sculpture.

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          Sculpture - 7x10 cm


          Sculpture - 7x22 cm

          Sampled Space (Global City Soundscape) I

          Sculpture - 50x160 cmRent for $ 915/mo