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Jules DEDET, better known as "Atlas", is a French artist from Street & Nbsp; Art & Nbsp; born in 1978. Méticaleux, in search of a certain purity both in form and in the choice of colors used , The Atlas expresses through his life and art the Asian philosophy of duality as a source of complementarity. & Nbsp; refusing academic studies and a conformist life, he abandoned his studies of art history to devote himself entirely to His love of writing. He chose to go to Morocco and then to Egypt to study the art of Arabic calligraphy with great masters and teachers. Back in Paris, he transposed ancient Arab techniques with contemporary mediums that are scotch and spray on canvases and posters. He then creates a unique and universal signature inspired by the labyrinth, which is always a recurring motif in his works. These compasses and these labyrinths made of gauffer (this white scotch used on the cinema plateaus) and applied on the ground are an invitation to the reflection. In each of these works, you can always guess a word, more at least concealed, which is one of the characteristics inherent in urban art to which it belongs. His & nbsp; works & nbsp; have been exhibited in many museums and institutions such as the George Pompidou Center, the Palais de Tokyo or the Grand Palais.

Selected Works

Violon cryptogrammé

Sculpture - 59x21 cm

Like is the Begining

Paintings - 62x62 cm

Look at Yourself

Paintings - 62x62 cm

Don't Believe Them

Paintings - 62x62 cm

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