Paxal slips into his creations a diversity of details, of patterns reminding us of the universe of Jérôme Bosch, Arcimboldo, Dali, Clovis Trouille, tattoo, comic, Aztec graphics and as many sources of inspiration that we can think of By exploring his universe. Passion, the very essence of his work Passionate about the trait since childhood, Paxal makes his imagination speak on paper and various supports. After entering the School of Fine Arts at the age of 15, he worked in advertising and then edition. During these years, he has never stopped indulging in his passion, to devote himself completely with appetite and compulsion. The subject: support for the profusion of details At Paxal, everything is in detail. The subject addressed is only pretext, support for its creation, it is a snap of the secret message contained in the work. To detect the real interest, we must let our gaze, slowly, all the details that make up or accompany the pattern. As in the proverb of the sage who shows the moon, here the subject is only indicatory, there is only to attract the gaze on what comes then, an abundance of subtle, sometimes funny, often mystical elements, which express feelings, and reveal, develop a story.

Selected Works

La naissance de Vénus, remix by Paxal

La naissance de Vénus, remix

Paintings - 130x195 cm
Coche "Marre" by Paxal

Coche "Marre"

Paintings - 146x114 cm
Kokekoko by Paxal


Paintings - 100x100 cm
C corner by Paxal

C corner

Prints - 70x70 cm
Paskull hamlet by Paxal

Paskull hamlet

Paintings - 53x53 cm
Raviolis & soda by Paxal

Raviolis & soda

Paintings - 95x95 cm
Schnacka by Paxal


Paintings - 93x78 cm
A few leos by Paxal

A few leos

Prints - 64x64 cm
Panthera leo by Paxal

Panthera leo

Prints - 64x64 cm

Chair à canon

Prints - 64x64 cm

Le baiser - remix

Prints - 64x64 cm

Titus - diem perdidi

Prints - 64x64 cm

Ars gratia artis

Prints - 64x64 cm

Kat mandou

Prints - 64x64 cm

The night of the hunter

Prints - 64x64 cm

L'ours pinpon (au feu !)

Paintings - 52x67 cm

Oh baby just you shut your mouth

Paintings - 111x111 cm

A bear ant

Paintings - 126x158 cm

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