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        European Artists

        Discover European artists online. Explore top European creators, specialising in a breadth of mediums from painting and drawing to photography and print, transcending the limits of styles comprising abstract, street art, figurative and more.

        European Figurative Artists

        Danish artist Anna Sofie Jespersen creates emotionally charged figurative drawings, usually informed by themes of human emotion, poetry and tragedy. Her insightful contemporary sketches such as the nude *Bathtub Self Portrait * are rich with pathos.

        Athens-based Stella Kapezanou is a Greek painter whose bright canvases are often set against a backdrop of hedonism. Usually optimistic in tone and vibrant in colour, Stella’s figurative paintings, comprising her pleasantly ironic landscape piece Sunset, and animal portrait Greener Grass, subtly comment on the hypocrisies of capitalist society and materialist culture.

        European Pop Artists

        Hayden Kays is one of Britain’s most innovative Pop Artists of his generation. Working in painting, sculpture and printmaking, this mixed-media artist constructs witty visual imagery to artistically narrate his views on contemporary culture. As an example, Hayden mixes explosive colour and humorous typography in his digital print I Dropped Acid Once and Never Found it Again, characteristic of the intellectually sharp yet colourful nature of his works.

        European Minimalist Artists

        Spanish artist Luis Medina is a minimalist painter who designs visually striking colour compositions. His deceptively minimal canvases coordinate abstract geometric shapes with a sensitive layering of block colours, such as in B-162, acrylic on canvas.

        Italian photographer Riccardo Cavallari has been refining his craft since the age of 10. Riccardo’s portfolio of minimalist photographs captures disparate subjects from constructed still life shots to brooding nude portraits, like in his realist Nude series.

        European Abstract Artists

        Daniela Schweinsberg is a German artist who stands out for her highly textured and dynamic works. By heavily layering various mediums including acrylic, charcoal, spray paint, ink and oil bar, observed in Splash, Daniela fabricates physical landscapes on her canvas which demand to be explored by hand.

        Abstract expressionist Héloïse Delègue is a French multimedia artist whose work is informed by complex human relationships, hierarchies and autofiction. Her expressionist paintings and abstract collages such as The Veteran and The Queen blur the lines between truth and fiction, dissecting memory and imagination into their symbolic social, cultural and political elements.

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          Baldvin Ringsted

          United Kingdom
          B. 1974

          Marianne Hendriks

          B. 1987

          Justine Smith

          United Kingdom

          Amy Dury

          United Kingdom
          B. 1971

          Kate Sherman

          United Kingdom
          B. 1970