Rebecca Hardaker

Rebecca Hardaker is a contemporary mixed media artist who creates dynamic, abstract expressionist paintings, collages and drawings.
The colours in Rebecca’s paintings are reflective of a mood or memory in the artist’s life.
The up-and-coming artist has completed a number of commercial collaborations and exhibited at the European pop-up gallery Nou Wave.

Young contemporary artist Rebecca Hardaker creates lively abstract expressionist paintings, drawings and collages, often harmoniously mixing acrylic, watercolour and pen together.

Training in the Arts

The mixed media artist has a BA in Classical Studies from the University of Manchester and an MA in Heritage Management from the University of Birmingham. Rebecca has also trained in Buying and Selling Art at Auction with Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and Art Handling and Installation at The University of Arts London.

Rebecca Hardaker’s Style

Rebecca explores the nature of memory and emotion, creating abstract compositions suggestive of movement, rhythm and balance. Her rich and plentiful colour palette makes for bright and joyous works, colours which she often mixes, emboldens or alters to adjust the mood and, in doing so, delivers greater depth and complexity. Oblique, metamorphous shapes are peppered across the canvas in considered yet liberating intervals and layers.

Press and Exhibitions

The artist has completed several successful commercial commissions, has exhibited at Nou Wave and featured in Rakes Progress Magazine in 2019. Rebecca also took part in the ‘Feed NHS’ charity postcard exhibition by Highgate Contemporary Art.

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