Anna Sofie Jespersen

Anna Sofie Jespersen produces emotive figurative works. Her large scale works are particularly powerful.
Anna won 2nd place for the 2016 Jerwood Drawing Prize.
The artist's large scale works would make impactful statement pieces in a living space.

Anna Sofie Jespersen is a Danish artist based in New York who produces emotive figurative works. Anna’s powerful drawings are laden with feeling. Her large scale works have a particularly strong impact.

The artist trained at the Chelsea College of Art and has won awards for both drawing and painting. She was shortlisted for the 2017 Bloomberg New Contemporaries. Anna has exhibited her work in a number of group shows across London.

Anna Sofie is currently pursuing an MFA at Hunter College in New York City.

Selected Works

Greenblood by Anna Sofie Jespersen


Paintings - 85x60 cm
The Golden Smiler by Anna Sofie Jespersen

The Golden Smiler

Paintings - 61x46 cm
Jacque, Lara and I go Boating by Anna Sofie Jespersen
Alex's Dream (Song 2) by Anna Sofie Jespersen

Alex's Dream (Song 2)

Paintings - 40x30 cm
Talkshow by Anna Sofie Jespersen


Drawings - 205x350 cm
Sid in Bathtub by Anna Sofie Jespersen

Sid in Bathtub

Drawings - 101x206 cm
Ankle Socks by Anna Sofie Jespersen

Ankle Socks

Drawings - 370x180 cm
Banality of Evil (Eichmann Totem) by Anna Sofie Jespersen
Bathtub Selfportrait by Anna Sofie Jespersen

Bathtub Selfportrait

Drawings - 183x102 cm
Gasoline by Anna Sofie Jespersen


Drawings - 209x151 cm

Self Portrait Upside Down

Drawings - 250x210 cm

Bill Murray And My Friends

Drawings - 150x230 cm


Drawings - 150x262 cm

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