I Dropped Acid Once And Never Found It Again

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Hayden Kays

Part of a new generation of rising Pop Artists, Hayden Kays is one of London’s most exciting and provocative craftsmen of our times. He specialises in painting, sculpture and printmaking, and is known for his notoriously razor sharp witticisms and brazen imagery, both of which comment on the contemporary cultural landscape.

Hayden discovered his passion for art at a very early age and pursued a degree in Fine Art in the UK. He has since been lauded as the ‘YBAs’ heir for the street art generation’ for bridging the gap between contemporary street art and traditional visual culture. Through his work, Hayden reveals that how we judge art and culture today is indissolubly linked to, if not haunted by, ghosts of the past. His popular pieces such as street art print A Man Of Colour (2017) stand out for their simultaneous appreciation of the canons founded by 1950s Pop Artists and their attempt to subvert them.

While Hayden is classically trained, his approach is ruthlessly modern. Hayden appropriates everyday references from the world around us as a response to and a rebellion against the cultural mainstream. Hayden manipulates and merges intertextual references, sardonic punchlines and bold colour schemes, as seen in the limited edition print I Dropped Acid Once and Never Found it Again, to compel the viewer to question what they see, kickstarting wider conversations about culture and society at large.

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