Francesco Carucci

Francesco Carucci is a software engineer and abstract photographer, combining his love for technology and nature in his photography.
Agencies such as Getty Images, Shutterstock and Alamy have featured Francesco’s work.
Apple, Google and Hilton are among Francesco’s buyers.

Francesco Carrucci is an abstract photographer whose visionary landscape shots take viewers on a journey. The artist has travelled the globe searching for the perfect light and glimpses of nature, capturing his emotional response to each new location with his camera.

Francesco Carucci’s Early Career

Alongside his career as a software engineer, Francesco picked up photography to better understand the artists' language – one not of maths but colour and form. Francesco has been developing his photographic skills for over a decade, mastering the technical aspects of photography and improving his artistic vision. His efforts have not gone unnoticed, with admirable features in Getty Images, Shutterstock and Alamy. His landscape and city shots have also been used and enjoyed by global companies such as Apple, Google and Hilton.

Style and Practice

Francesco's style leans towards conceptual landscape photography. Where landscape photographers traditionally shy away from or criticise the impact of humans on the landscapes in their work, Francesco embraces it. Many images present how humans have positively influenced the world through touch, modifications or enhancements. The human element is present in Francesco's portfolio to remind the viewer that we are here to stay, and we can do so with beauty and grace.

Awards and Exhibitions

Francesco has been a member of Professional Photographers of America since 2017. Francesco has exhibited his work in several galleries across the US and has consistently taken home awards from the prestigious International Photography Competition.

Selected Works

White Dunes by Francesco Carucci

White Dunes

Photography - 75x50 cm
Yucca by Francesco Carucci


Photography - 75x100 cm
Red Valley by Francesco Carucci

Red Valley

Photography - 75x100 cm

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