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Discover minimalist photography for sale. Each photograph in our online gallery has been hand-selected by Rise Art’s expert team of curators for you to purchase today. Whether you’re after an atmospheric landscape piece, or interested in a moody monochrome portrait, Rise Art’s vast catalogue of minimalist photography showcases work from some of the most exciting photographers working today. Browse our unique collection and find the perfect new piece for your home.

Photography was created as a means of capturing real life and immortalising an image, subject or scene. Initially regarded as a separate entity to the act of painting and creating, over time the boundaries that once sought to separate photography and painting have become increasingly blurred. Photography is no longer limited to representing something purely as it is, and instead it has evolved to depict scenes in abstract, impressionistic and minimalist styles.

Minimalist photography was born out of the minimalist art movement in the mid-20th century. With a clear focus on colour, shape, line and texture, minimalist photography is often used to express a concept or a meaning, rather than representing an accurate impression of a scene. Although seemingly at odds with realistic photography, the minimalist approach still has the ability to capture and distil a transient moment.

One photographer who has mastered the art of capturing a fleeting moment is Iliana Tosheva. Iliana depicts abstract scenes of movement, sometimes working in black and white to simplify the image further. Her Alter Ego series responds to moving figures and zooms in on the side profile. Although instantly recognisable, the faces has been blurred, and have a translucent hue to them. In this series, just as in other work such as Alex Iliana’s minimalist approach has allowed her to create an image that is simultaneously intimate and distanced from the viewer.

Minimalist photography is somewhat synonymous with focus and simplicity, however Tommy Clarke proves that minimalism can also be achieved by zooming out and looking at the bigger picture. Characterised by aerial shots with a patterned aesthetic, Tommy is drawn to capturing nature from above. Whether portraying crowded beaches or remote forests, Tommy surprises the viewer by revealing the harmonious appearance of nature when seen from a distance. Bursting with bright, saturated colours and sharp lines, Tommy’s photographs are captivating reflections of the world from afar.

Also capturing minimalism in nature is Andrew Lever. Andrew has a way with making his vibrant photographs of the endless sea appear tangible in his Waterworld series. Perfectly complimenting the blue waves of Tommy Carke’s Sandbanks I, Andrew’s minimalist approach uses a unique focus on light and tone to reflect the energy and expanse of the ocean.

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      Photography - 92x72cm

      Oh Deer

      Photography - 101x76cm

      Inch Beach 2, Ireland

      Photography - 102x135cm

      Mountain (Myvatn, Iceland)

      Photography - 61x81cm

      Calligraphing en l' air #1 ( 50 x 75 cm )

      Photography - 76x50cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Beneath the big beautiful sky II

      Photography - 84x60cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Beneath the big beautiful sky III

      Photography - 84x60cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Dunes (Spiekeroog, Germany)

      Photography - 102x128cm

      Trøllanes, Faroe Islands

      Photography - 76x102cm

      Sunset (NYC)

      Photography - 102x178cm

      Just Blue Ocean

      Photography - 112x162cmRent for $ 205/mo

      Chusan palm blue XVII

      Photography - 76x56cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Hrafnabjargafoss, Iceland

      Photography - 76x163cm


      Photography - 92x72cm

      Carrion and Mercy (The Thermal)

      Photography - 127x102cmRent for $ 95/mo

      Midnight sun II

      Photography - 84x60cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Morning (Amagansett, NY)

      Photography - 102x135cm

      Fog (Faroe Islands)

      Photography - 97x122cm

      Miami Shore

      Photography - 100x100cmRent for $ 115/mo

      Pink Cloud Seascape

      Photography - 112x162cmRent for $ 205/mo

      Bambú en la Nieve

      Photography - 76x61cmRent for $ 75/mo

      Desaparecidos # 3

      Photography - 100x100cmRent for $ 120/mo

      Near Norðragøta, Faroe Islands

      Photography - 76x102cm