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      The Trailblazer Collection


      Curated by Rise Art

      The Trailblazer Collection was curated for those daring collectors, looking for something bold and exciting. Not bound by tradition, the trailblazer has a taste for creativity and is drawn in by the unexpected. Abstract, minimalist and expressive styles tend to appeal to trailblazers, as they prioritise art with meaning and significance above representational art. Tastemakers and thrill-seekers, trailblazers might also enjoy our Statement Pieces, Neon Art and Eye-catching Artworks collections.

      ##Featured Artists

      Niki Hare is a mixed media artist, know for her large scale typography artworks. Taking inspiration from the motifs of street art and abstract expresionism Niki makes probing and direct artworks that often pose questions to the viewer. Susana Aldanondo makes vibrant abstract paintings inspired by jazz and tango music. Her gestural approach to mark-making results in works that have repeated shapes, lines and colours. In her paintings, Susana explores themes of intimacy and human connection. Emily Starck works in painting and sculpture and, similarly to Susana, she creates vibrant abstracts full of colour and energy. Emily sees the process of paintings as an exploration of her own emotions, comparing the act of mark-making to musical improvisation.

      All the artworks in the Trailblazer Collection reflect the tastes of the trailblazer. Looking for collections inspired by other personality types? View The Pragmatist, The Aesthete, The Traditionalist or The Connoisseur collections.

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