Philip Maltman paints abstract works that explore the 'littoral zone' i.e. the shoreline or area where the land meets a body of water.
Philip has won a major award from the London Group and has been shortlisted for the John Moores painting prize.
Philip's unique abstract works make him one to watch for the future.

Philip Maltman is a Scottish-born artist who now lives and works from London. He works primarily with oil paintings, exploring the ‘littoral zone’, or the shoreline where land meets water. Philip examines the form and lines of this often chaotic region, and in doing so creates a new kind of landscape painting that focuses on transitions and the constant flux of everyday life. These are not typical nature paintings in that they convey a sense of chaos and unrest, using erratic brushstrokes, paint drips and text to achieve this unsettling yet exciting effect.

Philip Maltman’s Career

Philip relocated from Scotland to London to start his creative journey, studying at Hornsey College of Art and Ravensbourne College of Art & Design. Since then, he has been developing his unique brand of nature art, blending some of the pastoralism of the romantic period with a distinctly modern flavour. This unique approach has earned him international attention, with exhibits across the UK and Europe.

Exhibitions and Awards

Philip’s paintings saw him shortlisted for the John Moores painting prize and won him a major award from the London Group. He has exhibited in both solo and group shows, in notable galleries that include the Royal Academy and Dulwich Picture Gallery in London.

If you’re interested to learn more, you can read Philip Maltman: The Fluid Painter, where we sat down with Philip to learn a little more about his art and practice.

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