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    Love and flowers by Emily Starck

    Love and flowers

    Paintings - 105x95 cm
    Cy flowers by Emily Starck

    Cy flowers

    Paintings - 119x91 cm
    The colors of happiness  by Emily Starck

    The colors of happiness

    Paintings - 105x95 cm
    Anahata  by Emily Starck


    Paintings - 120x200 cm
    Sweet thougths  by Emily Starck

    Sweet thougths

    Paintings - 116x95 cm
    Mood variations by Emily Starck

    Mood variations

    Paintings - 100x100 cm
    The power of colors by Emily Starck

    The power of colors

    Paintings - 50x65 cm
    Positive vibes  by Emily Starck

    Positive vibes

    Paintings - 80x95 cm
    Alizarine cramoisie by Emily Starck

    Alizarine cramoisie

    Paintings - 115x96 cm
    Winter water lilies  by Emily Starck

    Winter water lilies

    Paintings - 75x115 cm

    Summer garden

    Paintings - 115x200 cm


    Paintings - 130x200 cm

    Montre moi le chemin

    Paintings - 120x200 cm

    Summer Mood 2

    Paintings - 110x200 cm

    Touches of Love

    Paintings - 105x200 cm

    Another pink day

    Paintings - 110x95 cm

    The woman with the scarf

    Paintings - 110x96 cm

    Emily in wonderland

    Paintings - 110x96 cm

    The sun is shining

    Paintings - 110x95 cm

    Vegetal laces

    Paintings - 110x95 cm

    Vertes fougères

    Paintings - 112x112 cm

    I'm fine, thank you

    Paintings - 125x200 cm

    Bang Bang

    Paintings - 58x92 cm

    Red and pink

    Paintings - 120x200 cm

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