Emily Starck


Emily Starck is a French artist evolving in abstract expressionism guided by her deep emotions. Hypersensitive, she often needs to isolate herself, from the world and from noise, she recharges her batteries in Nature, it is there that she mainly gets her inspiration. She likes to work with mixed media and we often recognise her quality as a colourist, harmoniously combining her colours. It is on large formats that she prefers to express herself, leaving space for a fluid and untied gesture. She paints directly on the canvas, on the wall or on the floor when the format is too large. Then she creates a custom frame for the finished artwork. She compares the abstract to a musical improvisation, there is nothing to guess, see or recognise, just emotions to feel, which will echo everyone's experience.

Her artworks are exhibited in museums in Russia in particular, following her Plein air residences at the Oldenburg Palace in 2017 and also in Greece. Emily appears in several Art magazines such as Art & Design, Artmajeur magazine.

Selected Works

Love and flowers by Emily Starck

Love and flowers

Paintings - 105x95 cm
Cy flowers by Emily Starck

Cy flowers

Paintings - 119x91 cm
The colors of happiness  by Emily Starck

The colors of happiness

Paintings - 105x95 cm
Anahata  by Emily Starck


Paintings - 120x200 cm
Sweet thougths  by Emily Starck

Sweet thougths

Paintings - 116x95 cm
Mood variations by Emily Starck

Mood variations

Paintings - 100x100 cm
The power of colors by Emily Starck

The power of colors

Paintings - 50x65 cm
Positive vibes  by Emily Starck

Positive vibes

Paintings - 80x95 cm
Alizarine cramoisie by Emily Starck

Alizarine cramoisie

Paintings - 115x96 cm
Winter water lilies  by Emily Starck

Winter water lilies

Paintings - 75x115 cm

Summer garden

Paintings - 115x200 cm


Paintings - 130x200 cm

Montre moi le chemin

Paintings - 120x200 cm

Summer Mood 2

Paintings - 110x200 cm

Touches of Love

Paintings - 105x200 cm

Another pink day

Paintings - 110x95 cm

The woman with the scarf

Paintings - 110x96 cm

Emily in wonderland

Paintings - 110x96 cm

The sun is shining

Paintings - 110x95 cm

Vegetal laces

Paintings - 110x95 cm

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