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      Jim McLean


      Jim McLean's figurative art explores the emotional and psychological impact of being. He was six when first transfixed by art - Dali's Christ of St John Of The Cross. Today, his own powerful atmospheric paintings explore a similar psychological space where sensuality, figuration and the subconscious meet. Recent exhibitions include Figurative Art Now (Mall Galleries, London), ING Discerning Eye (London) and Safe House (Peckham Festival, London). He was shortlisted for the John Moores Prize exhibition (2021) and is a Sequested Prize finalist (2022). His self portrait The Artist And His Dog is now part of the acclaimed Ruth Borchard Next Generation Collection. McLean also recently graduated from the cutting edge Turps painting school run by artist Marcus Harvey. McLean's collectors have included musicians from Scottish rock giants Wet Wet Wet and Love And Money. His paintings and, most recent, collage work can be disarming. His gaze can seem uncomfortable. The humour is dry. He especially admires the work of David Lynch, whose disquieting, dreamlike movies hint that dark and mysterious currents are at work behind the scenes. Living and working in London, UK, McLean, who has an MA in English Lit is also the author of: How To Bring A Boyfriend Back From The Dead.

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