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      Alanna Eakin

      Alanna Eakin is an emerging British artist known for her colourful nature-inspired paintings.
      Alanna paints intuitively, blending blues, greens and purples to capture memories of exotic locations.
      Alanna received her Foundation and BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, London.

      Alanna Eakin is an emerging British painter who lives in London and works from her studio in Wimbledon. Alanna graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2010 with a BA in Fine Art. That said, she only began to pursue her professional art career in recent years. She quickly garnered attention and praise for her nature-inspired paintings, participating in several exhibitions and art fairs in London and beyond. Inspired by Henri Matisse, David Hockney, Joan Mitchell and Peter Doig, her colourful approach delivers timeless representations of sky and land. Fusing delicate purple, blue and green hues with flowing gestural brushstrokes, Alanna creates a sense of calm and serenity.

      Alanna Eakin’s Style and Practice

      Alanna uses an exotic palette of rich and saturated colours to bring her paintings to life - a staple and decidedly abstract technique connecting all her works. Drawing inspiration from her travels and interest in places devoid of human activity, Alanna produces effusive scenes that spill out from the canvas. She wishes to translate the comforting and calming nature of these open spaces in her art. Accompanying the elements of abstraction, though, remarkable figurative features, suggestive of flora and fauna, emerge from the dusky, blush paint marks. Working in several mediums, including oil and acrylic, Alanna intuitively blends and layers her works, letting the paintbrush translate memory into form.

      Exhibitions and Collections

      Alanna's work can be found on Wychwood Art, Artfully Sorted and the Affordable Art Fair. She has exhibited in London at OXO Tower Wharf, AdLib Gallery Wimbledon Village, Eccleston Yards, Old Truman Brewery, and at various shows in Bristol, Kent and Oxfordshire.

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