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      The Aesthete Collection


      Curated by Rise Art

      The Aesthete Collection was curated for those who have a strong sense of their own visual style. Motivated by finding something to match their taste, aesthetes are spontaneous adventurers who don’t shy away from investment pieces. Expressive artworks tend to catch the attention of an aesthete, as well as abstraction, minimalism and art deco.

      Featured Artists

      Gina Parr is an abstract painter and photographer, responding to scenes of nature with a delicate, somewhat ethereal style. Gina tends to use an earthy palette, preferring muted, tonal hues, to vibrant or neon colours. Andrea Solaja explores the interaction that light has with the human body in her paintings, sculptures and drawings. Inspired by her own experiences with light and darkness, Andrea uses her work to express her innermost feelings. Khalid Alzayani’s large scale paintings are expressive and colourful, infused with an energetic feel. Shapes often appear figurative, perhaps referencing bodies, trees and animals. Although vivacious and expressive, Khalid’s use of colour still seems somewhat refined, usually consisting of reds, oranges and pinks.

      All the artworks in the Aesthete Collection reflect the tastes of the aesthete. Looking for collections inspired by other personality types? View The Pragmatist, The Trailblazer, The Traditionalist or The Connoisseur collections.

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