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Zin Lim

Zin Lim is a Korean artist known for his expressionistic portraits and figurative nude studies.
Zin’s time spent travelling and studying in Seoul and San Francisco inspired his fascination with identity and representation in art.
Zin Lim’s background in Martial Arts influences his charcoal drawing and painting technique.

US-based Zin Lim is a Korean artist known for his Abstract portraits and figurative nude studies which explore themes of representation and identity. Zin Lim uses a variety of mediums, particularly oil on canvas and charcoal, to create ghostly figures which seem to ascend the realm of the canvas into real life.

Zin Lim’s Education and Early Career

Zin originally studied Industrial Design at Hongik University, Seoul, where he achieved his BFA (2000). He then went on to accomplish his BFA in 3D Animation (2003) and his MFA in Fine Art (2006) at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Zin won several awards over the course of his studies, including the Grand Prize at The Salon International and an Award of Excellence at The Oil Painters of America. The indie culture and artistic diversity of both major cities influenced Zin’s style and practice, and is perhaps responsible for his fascination with identity and representation as well as the philosophical edge to his work.

Style and Practice

Zin’s portraiture blurs the line between abstraction and representation. By harnessing elusive brushstrokes and a shimmering yet bold colour palette, Zin creates art which is as enchanting as it is ambiguous. Figures, such as are seen in his Nomad series of female portrait paintings have something raw and unsettling about them, reminiscent of the figurative master, Francis Bacon. For example, Nomad #1 and Nomad #18.

Press and Current Projects

Zin has been featured in a variety of esteemed magazines such as The Artist’s Magazine and The American Art Collectors Magazine. Most recently, Zin has been teaching painting and drawing courses in San Francisco, leading sellout workshops in various cities worldwide and making waves online with virtual drawing tutorials.

Selected Works

Allegro No. 195.31

Drawings - 60x37 cm

Nomad no. 15

Paintings - 52x40 cm

Allegro d4.2

Drawings - 61x76 cm

Allegro d1.1

Drawings - 76x61 cm

Allegro 46.2

Drawings - 61x76 cm

Allegro no. 197

Drawings - 175x160 cm

Allegro no.200

Drawings - 76x61 cm

Allegro d9.2

Drawings - 61x76 cm

Allegro no. 39

Drawings - 55x47 cm

Allegro no. 88

Drawings - 60x48 cm

Allegro no. 35

Drawings - 60x48 cm

Allegro no. 132

Drawings - 60x48 cm

Allegro no. 101

Drawings - 60x48 cm

Allegro no. 44

Drawings - 60x48 cm

Allegro no. 110

Drawings - 54x45 cm

Allegro no. 92

Drawings - 60x54 cm

Allegro no. 94.2

Drawings - 53x42 cm


Paintings - 30x66 cm

Allegro no.9

Drawings - 60x45 cm

Nomad no. 25

Paintings - 41x41 cm

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