Johanna Melvin

Johanna Melvin is an abstract painter who takes inspiration from found objects and places in suburbia.
Johanna finely layers bright colours with acrylic swirls and edgy, urban shapes.
Johanna exhibited at John McAslan + Partners William Road Gallery to help raise money in aid of young homeless people in London.

Abstract painter Johanna Melvin is known for her finely layered, geometric paintings. Her work references architecture and the urban environment and explores the spatial relationship between various colours and physical qualities.

Training and Qualifications

The London-born and Walthamstow-based artist has an undergraduate degree in Fine Art studies from The School of Art, Architecture and Design (1995-98). She also pursued two post-graduate courses at leading alternative painting schools: Turps Banana (2016-17) and The Essential School of Painting, where she now teaches.

Johanna Melvin’s Style and Practice

The artist negotiates a neatly woven balance between the incidental and the intentional. Her abstract expressionist works appear at once considered and yet spontaneous; illustrious and bright, yet also soft and peaceable. Johanna takes inspiration from daily architectural details such as windows, doors or a building’s shadow. Combining bold colours and cursive brushstrokes, the artist creates textures that mime the hard edges and sharp points of city centres while also portraying their beauty and energy.

Exhibitions & Collections

Johanna has exhibited widely in the UK, including multiple times at The Royal Academy of Art and Flowers Gallery, London. She has also shown at Zillah Bell Gallery, Yorkshire, and The Contemporary Art Society. Recent solo exhibitions were at the House of St Barnabas Club in Soho. Johanna's work is held in private and public collections, including at Whitechapel Gallery archives; The Groucho Club; House of St Barnabas and Soho House, as well as on virtual platforms such as Art Gazette and Go-To Artists.

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