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      The Pragmatist Collection


      Curated by Rise Art

      The Pragmatist Collection was curated for those who think rationally; about both art and life. Down-to-earth and grounded, the pragmatist tends to enjoy representational art, liking landscapes, portraits and still lives, and drawn to figurative and realistic styles. Our research has shown that around a quarter of the general population tends to be a pragmatist, making this collection the most popular for art collectors. Frida Kahlo best encapsulated the tendencies of the pragmatist when she said, “I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality”.

      Featured Artists

      Philip Tyler is a prolific painter, working in oils to create expressive and atmospheric figurative works. His subjects range from landscapes and seascapes of the UK’s south coast to self-portraits and nude studies. In a similar way to Philip, Amy Dury uses gestural brushstrokes when painting group portraits. Her artworks deal with themes of nostalgia, loss and the imagination of memory. Claire Cansick responds to the countryside around her and landscapes further afield. Many of her recent paintings deal with the effects climate change has on nature, depicting scenes of forest fires, hurricanes and floods.

      All the artworks in the Pragmatist Collection reflect the tastes of the pragmatist. Looking for collections inspired by other personality types? View The Trailblazer, The Aesthete, The Traditionalist or The Connoisseur collections.

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