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The Traditionalist Collection was curated for those who have a thoughtful and considered approach to collecting art. Drawn to landscapes, portraits and still lives, and figurative and realistic styles, the traditionalist enjoys the history of art, and discovering contemporary artists reflecting the approach of the Dutch Masters and the Italian Renaissance artists.

Featured Artists

Henry Glover is a British artist, based in London. His paintings often focus on the embrace between two figures or set the scene of an unfamiliar landscape. Peter Roux also responds to the natural landscape in his paintings, focussing primarily on the sky. Working with oils, Peter’s hyper-real approach becomes powerful and immersive, and his works take on a photographic quality. Jenny Boot is a portrait photographer using her experience as a fine art painter to inform the style and aesthetic of her photographs. Inspired by Dutch artists working during the Renaissance, Jenny gives each of her sitters a sense of drama and emotion through the use of light, costume and composition.

All the artworks in the Traditionalist Collection reflect the tastes of the traditionalist. Looking for collections inspired by other personality types? View The Pragmatist, The Trailblazer, The Aesthete or The Connoisseur collections.

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