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        Henry Glover

        Henry Glover was selected by Saatchi as a rising star in 2020.
        Henry's art has featured in numerous exhibitions across the UK.
        In 2019, Henry completed the TFAC X ColArts Summer Residency.

        British artist Henry Glover lives and works in London, where he primarily produces paintings and sculptures. This combination of mediums allows him to explore his practice in intriguing ways, focusing largely on human forms as well as scenes from nature. Henry enjoys working with wet media such as oils and clay as these are better suited to capturing human forms and the intimacy of touch. The embrace is one of the central themes within Henry’s art, which often depicts two figures locked in a hug or with clasped hands, and this allows him to explore the intimacy of physical relationships.

        Henry Glover’s Career

        Henry is a young artist who recently graduated from Wimbledon College of Art and Design, where he studied Fine Art, Painting. Throughout his studies and now in his career, he has been developing an expressionistic and figurative style that has earned him widespread recognition through exhibitions, interviews and awards.

        Exhibitions and Awards

        You’ll find Henry Glover’s expressionistic paintings in a number of group exhibitions across the UK, and he has also now had a solo exhibition at the Liliya Art Gallery in London. In 2020, he was selected as one of Saatchi’s rising stars, and he took part in the TFAC X ColArts Summer Residency in 2019.

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