Ellie Wang

Ellie Wang is a mixed-media painter inspired by music, dance and her Chinese heritage.
Ellie's work references the personality of performance, strongly influenced by her experience as an instrumentalist.
The emerging artist has exhibited throughout London.

Born in London in 1994, UK-based artist Ellie Wang works predominantly with painting alongside a more collaborative practice involving performance. Ellie explores content generated from everyday behaviours and routines. Through the repetition and categorisation of her imagery, she creates musical moments of overlap and movement.

Ellie Wang's Education and Influences

Ellie graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, in 2018. She has a Foundation Diploma from City and Guilds of London Art School. Having received training as a classical instrumentalist, she is interested in exploring the role of the performer as an artist and vice versa. Ellie's approach is highly intuitive, beginning with only the materials on hand and seeing where they take her. Figures, lines and pathways emerge as Ellie creates, mirroring a musical improv on canvas. Her atmospheric mixed-media paintings seem to swirl in and out of focus; a pirouette of colour and texture. Her works also bear clear influences from her Chinese heritage, with their East Asian colour palettes and sprinklings of traditional illustration.


Ellie has exhibited at galleries including News of the World, Delphian Gallery, San Mei Gallery and the Horse Hospital. Ellie is also involved in Rise Art's Emergence Show (2021) in Soho, London.

Selected Works

Sour Face by Ellie Wang

Sour Face

Paintings - 41x31 cm

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