Angela Smith

Angela Smith won the Cass Art Award at the National Open Art Exhibition in 2017.
Angela works predominantly with oil paints, enamel and gloss.
Angela’s paintings address issues of human vulnerability and the unsaid.

Angela Smith is a British painter known for her abstracted figurative works that explore the complexities and contractions of the human psyche. Working primarily in oils, gloss and enamel, Angela’s paintings are characterised by great pools of paint merged with marbling swirls, all sitting on fairly minimal backdrops. Angela’s paintings span from medium to small scale works of art, with the textural quality of each piece giving a tangible sense of depth to her art.

Angela Smith’s Process

The process-based nature of Angela’s art means that there is no intended or controlled outcome, instead Angela steers each painting by adding to it, and ultimately lets the painting create its own outcome. The only controlled element of Angela’s work is her creation of shape, which forms the figurative element to her art. Dense in places, the physical quality of Angela’s paintings bulge, ripple and wrinkle as they settle on the canvas. This layered appearance works to echo the psychological layerings of the human mind, particularly the protection of our own vulnerability.

Education and Exhibitions

Since graduating from the University of Brighton in 2008 with a degree in Fine Art Painting, Angela has quickly become established as a prominent portrait and figurative artist. Winning the Cass Art Award at the National Open Art Exhibition led to Angela's most recent solo show 'Precarious'. From The Unsaid at New Greenham Arts to Surface Tension at Lacey Contemporary Gallery, to her most recent solo show, Precarious in 2018, Angela’s work is sought after by private and public collectors alike.

Selected Works

Sweet talk by Angela Smith

Sweet talk

Paintings - 43x43 cm
Silencer by Angela Smith


Paintings - 43x43 cm
Petulant by Angela Smith


Paintings - 43x43 cm
Black and Blue by Angela Smith

Black and Blue

Paintings - 43x43 cm
Elsewhere by Angela Smith


Paintings - 91x91 cm
Precarious by Angela Smith


Paintings - 91x91 cm
Minder by Angela Smith


Paintings - 101x67 cm
Vessel by Angela Smith


Paintings - 43x43 cm
Stealth by Angela Smith


Paintings - 43x43 cm
Smokescreen by Angela Smith


Paintings - 43x43 cm


Paintings - 43x43 cm


Paintings - 92x92 cm


Paintings - 135x90 cm


Paintings - 43x43 cm


Paintings - 43x43 cm


Paintings - 43x43 cm


Paintings - 43x43 cm


Paintings - 43x43 cm

Full beam

Paintings - 43x43 cm


Paintings - 43x43 cm

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