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      Pantone Colour of the Year

      Verity Babbs

      Curated by Verity Babbs

      The Pantone Colour of the year is Very Peri. This collection features a palette of blues, purrples and greys to complement the colour of the year. A combination of paintings, prints and photography, the works for sale have been selected by our curator, and vary from small to large, and from realistic to abstract, offering something for every collector.

      Colour of the Year

      Very Peri is described by Pantone as a colour that honours “some of the qualities that blue represents”. Referencing themes such as the metaverse and emerging from isolation, Very Peri is inspired by the interactions between the physical and digital worlds. Explore the collection and find original artworks that reflect the trending colour of the year.

      Featured Artists

      Photographer Ziesook You explores the relationship between humans and nature in her delicate botanical portraits. Her compositions are each coordinated by a strict scheme and palette. Katherine Lubar’s work explores the way light interacts with architecture and urban settings. Looking at the interplay between negative and positive space, Katherine works in a limited palette and with sharp, angular lines.

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