Anna Bush

Anna Bush is a contemporary portrait painter.
Anna takes family photographs and recreates them on canvas but with a slight twist.
She featured works in the RA Summer Exhibition 2018 and 2021.

Anna Bush is a portrait painter who invites viewers on a nostalgic journey through her family’s photo albums. Born in 1982 in Chatham, UK, Anna works with various mediums, focusing primarily on painting and photography. Taking inspiration from ‘the family snapshot’, Anna explores ideas of personal and collective memory. The artist has a degree in Fine Art Painting from The University of the Arts, London.

Anna Bush’s Artistic Process

Influenced by artists such as Mark Tennant, Gerhardt Richter and David Storey, Anna humbles the distinction between realism and abstraction. Painting from a collection of Polaroids and Kodachrome slides, each painting presents a unique colour scheme - depending on the type of film stock, filter and techniques used in the original photograph. Anna generally intends to recreate the portraits with limited brushstrokes, leaving space for imagination and encouraging viewers to fill the gaps with their own memories and interpretations.

Press and Exhibitions

Anna has artwork in private collections around the world. She exhibited her work in the 250th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2018. In 2021, she took part in The Turner Contemporary Open show in Margate, UK. Works by Anna were hand-selected by Dario Illari, Founder of Jealous Gallery and Artfinder Curator, for their Top Print Picks 2021. Anna now lives and works in Oxfordshire, UK.

Selected Works

Hilda by Anna Bush


Prints - 42x30 cm
Alf by Anna Bush


Prints - 43x30 cm
Polaroid II by Anna Bush

Polaroid II

Prints - 25x25 cm
New Car by Anna Bush

New Car

Prints - 25x25 cm
Miss Leighton by Anna Bush

Miss Leighton

Prints - 25x25 cm
The Party by Anna Bush

The Party

Prints - 30x42 cm
The Jive  by Anna Bush

The Jive

Prints - 30x42 cm
Rupert by Anna Bush


Prints - 25x25 cm
Queen of Hearts by Anna Bush

Queen of Hearts

Prints - 42x30 cm
Happy Holidays by Anna Bush

Happy Holidays

Prints - 30x42 cm

Santa Clara, Cuba

Prints - 25x25 cm

Trinidad, Cuba

Prints - 33x28 cm


Prints - 42x30 cm

Lovely Legs

Prints - 42x30 cm

The School Photograph

Prints - 30x42 cm


Prints - 42x30 cm


Prints - 42x30 cm

A New Term 1973

Prints - 30x42 cm


Prints - 42x30 cm


Prints - 30x42 cm

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