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Melissa McGill

Melissa McGill creates highly gestural paintings inspired by nature, water, the painting process and mark-making.
Her bold abstract pieces are personal landscapes often mirroring water formations.
Melissa's passion for painting is reflected in her exploration of technique and a full embrace of new palettes and forms.

Born in 1966, Melissa McGill is a self-taught mixed media painter. Based in Las Vegas, she draws on her background in visual design and commercial illustration to explore themes of communication and the dynamic nature of water. Her abstract expressionist paintings, complete with swathes of vibrant paint, experimental smudges, tears and jagged ridges and cracks, reflect the joy of movement.

Melissa McGill’s Style and Practice

Melissa's process involves her whole body. She pours and scrapes large strokes of colour across the canvas and then punctuates the scene with graphic lines and monotype printed textures. Although working with explosive and spontaneous gestures, Melissa's compositions remain highly balanced and take the eye on a journey. Finding inspiration in the natural world, McGill builds up her paintings in an organic way. Working primarily with acrylic paints allows her to create intuitively and explore new palettes and processes.

Exhibitions, Collections and Commissions

Clients include The NBA, Sony Music, Pioneer Music, Cisco Systems, and Adobe. Her work is in private collections worldwide. She has exhibited paintings in group and solo shows across the United States, in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. She has presented her artwork at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles and New York.

Selected Works

Solitary Sea Bird

Paintings - 66x91 cm

Being Myself

Paintings - 66x91 cm

There Is A Wildness

Paintings - 61x91 cm

Turn Away

Paintings - 61x91 cm

When You're Alone

Paintings - 91x91 cm

A Sequoia

Paintings - 91x91 cm

I Remember You

Paintings - 51x71 cm

Her Secret Is Patience

Paintings - 76x61 cm

Secret Things

Paintings - 91x91 cm

Water In A River - Solitude

Paintings - 66x91 cm

Desert Sand Dune

Paintings - 122x91 cm

Points In Space No 2

Paintings - 76x56 cm

Looking For Spring No 2

Paintings - 66x51 cm

Points In Space

Paintings - 76x56 cm

Make Me Happy

Paintings - 51x41 cm

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