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      Andrea Zvadova


      Andrea Zvadova is a freelance photographer born and raised in Slovakia, now based in London. Her photography focuses on beauty, portrait and fine art. Andrea has a special sense for detail and balance in her photography. Her close up study of human features transform skin and hair into abstract landscapes and imaginary worlds. Andrea’s work marries great sensitivity and minimalism. She celebrates unusual beauty, diversity and uniqueness opposed to the standard perceptions of beauty. She has an ongoing project called ‘Pigment’, a series of portraits of people who were born with albinism. Pigment has received significant attention and won several awards. She was the winner of the Portrait of Britain awards for two years in a row in 2017 & 2018, the 1st place Winner in the Body category of Photography Grant 2018, a Royal Photographic Society award 2017 finalist, and the 1st place winner in PDN LOOK’s 2017 Fine Art category. In April 2019 Andrea was a part of the exhibited artists at ‘Month of Photography Los Angeles’. Andrea works with both digital and analogue photography including old alternative photography techniques. After collaborating with Phase One she has started primarily using medium format cameras for her studio work.

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