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      Paul Robinson, also known as LUAP, is a multidisciplinary British artist.
      LUAP tackles mental health, the climate and isolation with photography and prints.
      LUAP is recognised globally for his provocative and humorous installations.

      Paul Robinson, alias LUAP, was born in Grimsby in 1982. He is a multidisciplinary British artist who dynamically fuses adventure and art through his paintings and photography. Using different mediums and techniques and drawing from his own experiences, he tackles mental health, the climate and isolation head-on. LUAP's most iconic series features his adult-size Pink Bear. The candy-coloured teddy accompanies LUAP on his travels and serves as a metaphor for discovery and exploration.

      LUAP's Style and Approach

      LUAP’s style, although hinting at abstract expressionism, is not confined to one system. His works explode with positive energy, bringing together the bold colours of Pop Art and the soft grunge of modern Urban Art. Exploring existential subjects, but with a contemporary feel, his craft stands alone in its composition and provoking content and subject matter. His Pink Bear suit, in particular, follows LUAP up mountains and across cities to remote spots in far-away places. The bear acts as a tool to juxtapose and create stark contrasts with a chosen context, existing somewhere between reality and make-believe, and youthful innocence and corruption.

      Exhibitions and Charity Projects

      LUAP has exhibited alongside internationally renowned artists and created bespoke artworks for exclusive Member Clubs. He also works with charities to raise money. A Pink Bear print recently sold for three times the listed price at Christie’s on behalf of the Terrence Higgins Trust. The bear also bewildered guests in a provocative live installation at The Moxy, a top hotel in Berlin, Germany. LUAP has featured in publications such as TimeOut, Design Week, Mail Online, GQ, Fad, and more.

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