Jeannine Cook

Jeannine Cook is one of the very few artists worldwide specialising in the ancient practice of metal point drawing.
Led by a passion for environmental issues, Jeannine’s studies are a deep dive into the geological past and present of nature.
Jeannine’s works can be found in major public art institutions, including the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Born in 1944 in Nairobi, Kenya, Jeannine Cook is a highly celebrated metal point artist based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. She is recognised for her work in Australia, Japan, the US, Europe, and beyond. Tanzanian-European by heritage, British-American by nationality, Jeannine is one of the very few artists worldwide specialising in silverpoint drawing, a shimmering medium nearly 2000 years old that uses silver, gold or other metals to make marks. Jeannine's subjects range from realistic floral studies to abstract explorations of bark and stone.

Jeannine Cook's Early Career & Inspiration

Jeannine Cook grew up on her family’s farm in the Northern Province of Tanzania, near Arusha. From an early age, her mother taught her about the correct botanical structure and petal colour of countless flowers, the cultivation of coffee, and aromatic plants destined for the perfume trade. This exposure planted another seed within Jeannine, the genesis of her love for all things nature. Her grandfather, who was a photographer, introduced her to the patient practice of monochromatic photography and drawing.

Jeannine’s Practice

With a passion for environmental issues, her art transcends nature's past and present. From hurricane-struck cedars, like burnt silver skeletons, to stones that hark back to ancient geological shifts, Jeannine's practice makes use of myriad natural ingredients charged with hidden historical depth. Working in-studio and en plein air, the artist gives full attention and respect to every location she works on, highlighting the endless complexity and uniqueness of nature across the globe. Her intuitive and organic arsenal of materials comprises washi paper, coloured pencil, silk fabric, gold and silver foil, cotton and more.

Exhibitions & Projects

Jeannine's metal point drawings have been exhibited internationally and can be found in the permanent collections of over twenty public art institutions in Europe, the US and Australia. This includes the British Museum; the Victoria & Albert Museum; BAMPFA in Berkeley, CA; the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC; the Western Australian Museum and the Consell de Mallorca in Palma, Spain, among others. Jeannine received the Award for Excellence with Georgia Artists, Abernathy Arts Center, Atlanta, GA, United States (2016) and won the Juror’s Choice Award at Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA, United States (2014).

Selected Works

Folie de Fossiles by Jeannine Cook

Folie de Fossiles

Drawings - 25x18 cm
Grape Vine Seer by Jeannine Cook

Grape Vine Seer

Drawings - 18x25 cm
Heart of Oak by Jeannine Cook

Heart of Oak

Drawings - 25x18 cm
Gift of the Fields by Jeannine Cook

Gift of the Fields

Drawings - 19x14 cm
Cercis Seeds I by Jeannine Cook

Cercis Seeds I

Drawings - 25x18 cm
Cercis Seeds II by Jeannine Cook

Cercis Seeds II

Drawings - 25x18 cm
Cork Contours by Jeannine Cook

Cork Contours

Drawings - 25x18 cm
After the Wood Borers had Worked by Jeannine Cook
Boston Bark I by Jeannine Cook

Boston Bark I

Drawings - 25x18 cm
Boston Bark II by Jeannine Cook

Boston Bark II

Drawings - 25x18 cm

Adentro del Pino

Drawings - 14x19 cm

Autumnal Oak

Drawings - 19x14 cm

Cork Conversations

Drawings - 14x19 cm

Pine Swirls

Drawings - 19x14 cm

Ritmos del Roble

Drawings - 14x19 cm

Calla Solo

Drawings - 26x18 cm

Cork Oak - Spring

Drawings - 26x18 cm

Indian Ocean Palimpsest V

Drawings - 26x18 cm

Devuelta del Mar

Drawings - 18x26 cm

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